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Hi today I want to present you an interesting way for an extra helmet, spending a minimum of time talking about making money on link shortcuts, this method is very popular and popular.


In this post I want to present you how to make money on shorts, how it looks in general from my point of view, of course I will describe you how I make money and I can make money on shorts.


So good to work on the linkers earning money in such a way, we take any link, it can be google.pl link and shorten it to any shortcut, then promote this link, that is, we share it on some social portals such as Facebook, on various forums, advertising services for this purpose, etc.



  •  How it's working? What are the shortcomings for us? Just if we shorten a link eg: link to your site so ?, by entering this link we are redirected to ads shortcut, for what he earns and we have to wait 5 seconds and click on the top of Skip AD, then move us to the link we shortened .
  • Shortcuts make money by displaying ads that someone has purchased from them, and shares with us a portion of the ad impression profit

For example I will give you a link from the shortcut that leads to my page, after entering the link in the upper right corner you will be please wait 5sec, after this time the button will appear Skip Ad, then click this button

Please go to this link: http://yamechanic.com/772s

I use the method of dropping links to advertising services that I will give you at the bottom of the post, so if you are interested in such a profit you will be able to earn money in this way, I will also tell you how to advertise.


Very profitable monetization is for people who have their own websites or make money on the internet in some affiliate programs, etc., because we can shorten the link to your site in a certain shortcut, and after passing through the ad of a shortcut click on the AD skip your party, or a service with your reflex.


In this way, the owners of their own pages are not enough to make money on the shortcut, they still have free advertising of their site, or referrals to affiliate programs.


Making money on the shorts at the beginning is not easy, because you have to see everything yourself to see how to do it, but after the time sure everyone is happy with the extra helmet, so truthfully for nothing because we only put links or advertisements.


Payouts in shorts are held differently on the 1st day of each month, in some 10 and even in the other 16.

The minimum payout in almost everyone is $ 5, which you can quickly pick up

  • Okay, I'll present you shortcuts, in which I make money and which I would most recommend.

I would like to forget about the payers are on wallets such as Payza, Payooner and PayPal, these wallets are free and anyone can set up, if you do not have any of them I recommend PayPal, you can set up a free wallet PayPal Here



One of the best I think will shorten it!Minimum payout of $ 5, payouts are held on the 1st day of each month, payouts to PayPal, Payza, Payooner

Also I would recommend very nice rates for views
Minimum payout of $ 5, payouts from 1 to 15 days of the month

I only use these two shortcuts, because in my opinion they are only notable, but if you want to earn more in shorts it is not a problem, you can search the internet you will probably find more shortcuts, because there are a lot of them
  • And now as I promised I will describe how to advertise the links of the shortcuts in the advertising services, and I will present you the services that I use

I think it is worth it because, for example: I will take to the example of Surfujkase advertising service, where for 1zł we buy 176ty ad spots.

1 displaying a link from the shortcut costs us 150pkt, ie for 1zł we have over 1000 views of the shortened link, and watching the rate of the shortener ouo.io for 1000 impressions gets eg $ 1.80

So in the calculation for buying points for 1zł and drop short links to ads we will earn about $ 2, and even over

$ 1 = $ 3,500 change, that is, we exchange 1zł for about 7zł 🙂

And in some advertising services is such as: we buy more points, we get them cheaper, so we make more money.

Every affiliate has an affiliate program, for every registered affiliate we bring to the program we get 20% of the amount of his earnings, that is, for example: earn $ 2, then we get $ 0.40 🙂 Aha of course, he gets the whole amount, he does not loses nothing at that you get those 20%

  • Below I present you programs in which I advertise links from shorts and I recommend these programs as well 🙂 Register by clicking on the banner

To advertise short links and earn money, you need to purchase an Ad or Skip Ad, or Shortened Links


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