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Hi, today I introduce you the mega HIT ClixSense, where you can make good money.

Beginners can earn as much as $ 10 a day +, but it depends on your commitment, if you get more involved you will earn a lot more 🙂

ClixSense can register people from the age of 16, pay from $ 10 which can be collected in 1 day.

We earn here to fill out questionnaires, perform various tasks, etc., a lot of bonuses.

All forms of earnings in ClixSense will try to describe you below 🙂

Zarabiaj na ankietach

Zarabiaj na wypełnianiu ankiet

As you can see, there are a lot of polls, each one is paid differently to fill, the most expensive survey I have seen so far is probably $ 6 (which happens very rarely, but it happens:P

Remember to fill in the profile data, which is indicated by the second arrow in the picture 
above, after completing this data you will surely get a few or even a dozen surveys to fill,
                     so at the beginning you will earn right away 🙂

However, it is important to note that not all surveys will qualify, but it is nothing and so many surveys and earnings too high 🙂

Now I will show you offers / tasks

Zarabiaj przez itnernet

These are so. Offers, that is, we do the job and get commission for it, the tasks in Offers are different, they can be questionnaire, play a game, register somewhere, participate in free competition,

Now I will show you mini tasks (Taski)

Clixsense Task Zadania

These are so. Taski (Mini Tasks) We just enter the given task and we have instructions on what to do, eg: we have to look up some companies in google, of course we already have the link and given presumed data of this company, we just check if that is correct 🙂

As you can see, earnings are very much, until recently (07.2017r) there were still available paid advertising, but unfortunately ClixSense excluded this form of earnings, yet there are still a lot of forms of earnings 🙂

I will now show you the ClixSense Bonus for daily activity

Daily bonus Checklist bonus Clixsense

This is the so-called. Daily bonus, which is a daily bonus for activity, if we are active, then as you can see we can get a good reward from the same daily bonuses.

To qualify for the daily bonus we need to perform 2 Offers, 10 Tasks (mini tasks) or 1Offers and 5 Tasks, and visit one subpage of the Forum (just click and go)

If we meet the above conditions, we receive a bonus of 12% of the total amount earned on a given day, plus a 2% bonus on ClixAddon, which is a plugin from Clixsense that informs us about new tasks, surveys,

This plugin looks like this:


And for this bonus for daily activity also 2%.

Not much, there is also affiliate program Clixsense, where for every user recommended by us we receive 20% of his earnings (that is very much) count if one person earns a minimum of $ 5 per day, that is, you earn $ 1 per day in addition, Now count how you get 100 referrals and each of them will earn the minimum of $ 5 a day, then you get $ 100 a day for free, as if for nothing + to your earnings. I do not even mention more referrals 🙂 I think it would be enough to just recommend the program to friends and family and we are already on the big +, and your link to recommend Clixsense you can promote wherever you want Facebook, twitter,


I encourage and invite you to action 🙂

You are here Registration -> Click

If you have decided, I would like to greet you and wish you good luck and high earnings 🙂

Remember that sometimes there are no surveys for 1 or 2 days, then I recommend to take care of tasks and Offers, and after 1.2 days will certainly be some questionnaire, you are sure to get back 🙂

If you have any problems, questions about monetization in Clixsense, you can write safely through the contact form on the site, or directly to the email address: Magnet22@o2.pl

If Clixsense is not a program for you then well Regards and wish you luck 🙂